Episode 4 - You Never Can Taillow!

Short Description of Episode

Ash, May, and Max are strolling through the Petalburg forest on hopes of seeing new Pokémon and adventures. May suggest that they should stop for a quick lunch break but Max on the otherhand think that they should continue to find Pokémon in the forest. May and Max begin to pull Ash back and forth to see what he should do: eat lunch, or find new Pokémon, Ash on the otherhand get extremely annoyed and decides that they can take a quick lunch break and later find Pokémon. Ash, Max, May, and Pikachu start to have a lunch but soon find out that none of them have food on them to eat, and all of Pikachu's Pokémon food container was empty leaving them at a starving situation. Ash then tells May and Max about his friend Brock and how he always cooks meals for him. While in the forest a flock of vicious Taillow begin to attack Ash and his friends but when all hope is lost an old friend comes to the rescue.

Screenshots Video Without Watermark and Editing

Video Without Watermark and Editing


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