Pokemon Season 6 - Pokémon: Advanced

This is a list of episodes in Pokémon: Advanced, the sixth season of the Pokémon animated series (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā?, Pocket Monsters), covering the Hoenn region where the protagonist Ash Ketchum goes on to further adventures and meets new friends along the way to the Hoenn League. In Japan, this began the Pocket Monsters: Advanced Generation (ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション Poketto Monsutā Adobansu Jenerēshon?) series. Misty and Brock leave Ash's side. Ash meets a new friend named May, who participates in contests, and her brother Max. Brock returns and the four travel together through the Hoenn region

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Episode 1 - Get the Show on the Road! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Finally in Littleroot Town, Ash and Professor Birch discover that Pikachu has an electrical overload. The excess electricity causes Pikachu to run off in pain, followed by Ash and Professor Birch. Soon, a pack of Poochyena appear and chase Professor Birch, interfering with the beginning of a new journey for a young trainer named May, who after all the trouble chooses a Torchic for her first Pokémon. 
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Episode 2 - A Ruin with a View [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash and May encounter a set of ruins, where they help Professor Aldon rediscover a nearly-extinct Pokémon. There, they learn about Team Magma and Team Aqua. 
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Episode 3 - There's No Place Like Hoenn [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash and May have finally arrived in Petalburg City, where he hopes to battle in his first Hoenn Gym match. Ash meets May's younger brother, Max. Norman, May's father, is the Petalburg Gym Leader and Ash challenges him to a Gym battle but since Ash does not have three Pokémon with him, they only have a formal trainer battle. 
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Episode 4 - You Never Can Taillow! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash, May, and Max are strolling through the Petalburg forest on hopes of seeing new Pokémon and adventures. May suggest that they should stop for a quick lunch break but Max on the otherhand think that they should continue to find Pokémon in the forest. May and Max begin to pull Ash back and forth to see what he should do: eat lunch, or find new Pokémon, Ash on the otherhand get extremely annoyed and decides that they can take a quick lunch break and later find Pokémon. . 
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Episode 5 - In the Knicker of Time! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Brock is ready to travel again and has joined up with Ash, May, and Max as the journey on towards Rustboro City. In the forest they encounter a giant Zigzagoon, which they soon realize is actually a trainer in a Zigzagoon suit. Nicolai the Knickerbocker is a trainer that believes in becoming one with Pokémon in order to understand them. While battling, he wears a costume of whichever Pokémon he is using. When not dressed as a Pokémon, he wears knickers in order to be closer to nature. Nicolai is very excited to learn that May is the daughter of the Petalburg Gym leader.
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Episode 6 - A Poached Ego! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Team Rocket encounters a poacher who hunts for poison-type Pokémon. When Team Rocket learn that the captured Pokémon include Koffings and Ekans, they decide to free them from the poachers grasp and they release Arbok and Weezing to protect the Ekans and the Koffings. At the end, James gets himself a new Pokémon, Cacnea. 
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Episode 7 - Tree's a Crowd [Hindi] [480p HD]
Deep in the woods, Ash spies a Treecko. He's wanted to catch a Treecko since he first saw one at Professor Birch's laboratory. He follows the Treecko to an enormous tree that seems to be dying. There, Ash's Treecko has an argument with all of the other Treecko. It seems that Ash's Treecko is very attached to the tree and wants to stay with it, while the rest of the clan wants to move on to a new tree. Ash watches as the lone Treecko struggles to save the tree. He and Pikachu feel badly for the Treecko and try to help. In the end, however, the tree dies. Now that its home is gone, Treecko is ready to make a new home with Ash. He and Pikachu battle, and Ash catches his Treecko! 
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Episode 8 - A Tail with a Twist [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash's newly caught Treecko may be a bit standoff-ish, but the little green Pokémon is quite a fighter. When Team Rocket sees Treecko knocked down and hurt by a Seviper, they decide that they must have that Seviper. Meowth is very impressed with its "sneaky, snakey ways." Meanwhile, Treecko escapes from the Pokémon Center where Ash brought it to recover. When the gang finds Treecko, it is practicing its attack moves. Again and again, Treecko jumps from the top of a waterfall and tries to break a rock at the bottom with its tail.
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Episode 9 - Taming of the Shroomish [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash, May, Brock and Max have arrived at a small city on their way to Rustboro City. Brock decides to stock up on supplies, while Max is eager to go hunting for city dwelling Pokémon. Max soon stumbles upon a very frightened Shroomish who is hiding in an alleyway. Ash, Max, Pikachu and their new Shroomish friend head off to find a Pokémon Center. On their way they pass by a deserted mansion that is being torn down. There, the gang learns that not long ago most of the city was forest and that many, many Shroomish lived in the area.
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Episode 10 - You Said a Mouthful! [Hindi] [480p HD]
On the route to Rustboro City, Ash and the gang pass by an unofficial gym boasting the world's most powerful Pokémon. Even though he can't win a badge there, Ash is intrigued and decides to battle the trainer named Anthony and this mysterious Pokémon. The world's most powerful Pokémon turns out to be a Pelipper. Pelipper attacks Ash's Treecko with a Vine Whip. It then attacks Taillow with Flamethrower. Finally, it attacks Pikachu with a Thunder Attack. Ash and crew are amazed – Pelipper should only have Water and Flying type attacks, but somehow it knows Grass, Fire and Electric type attacks! That's not physically possible! Team Rocket decides that they must have this awesome Pokémon, so they, too, challenge Anthony.
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Episode 11 - A Bite to Remember [Hindi] [480p HD]
As our heroes travel on towards Rustboro City, they stumble into a forest filled with many different kinds of Pokémon. It turns out that the area is actually a Pokémon preserve, and it's looked after by a girl named Katrina. Katrina takes care of all of the Pokémon in the area and helps to nurse them back to health when they are sick. Max takes a particular liking to her Poochyena and he's determined to see it evolve before they leave the preserve.
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Episode 12 - The Lotad Lowdown [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash, Pikachu, Brock, May and Max decide to cool off in a picturesque lake en route to Rustboro City. But they're not the only one's splashing around! The lake is actually home to a whole flock of Lotad. The Lotad seem to be having fun with their new friends, but a little girl named Natalie thinks that Ash and crew are out of line. She brings them back to the flower shop which her two older sisters run.
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Episode 13 - All Things Bright and Beautifly! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Rustboro City is on the horizon, but they're not there yet. Ash, Brock, Max and May have just arrived at a Contest Hall. Janet and Chaz, two experienced Pokémon Coordinators, teach the gang all about Contests. Pokémon Contests are different from battles in that it's not the strength of the attack that matters, but the beauty of its execution. Winners get ribbons instead of badges. 
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Episode 14 - All in a Day's Wurmple [Hindi] [480p HD]
As the gang continues to make their way towards Rustboro City, May spots a Wurmple that she's dying to catch – but she's not the only one with her eye on the cute little bug Pokémon. Jessie wants it, too. May ventures off on her own to catch her Wurmple, but Team Rocket follows and gives her trouble. Luckily, she gets some help from a trainer named Franklin. Meanwhile, Ash and Pikachu are practicing Pikachu's Iron Tail attack. 
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Episode 15 - Gonna Rule the School! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Rustboro City at last! Now that Ash and friends have arrived in Rustboro City, they're taking a moment to sightsee. They bump into a schoolteacher, Roxanne, and her class on a class trip. The kids are about Max's age and one of them, Kenny, is afraid of Pokémon. Roxanne invites the gang back to see the Pokémon Trainer's School. Ash is anxious to get to his gym battle, but Roxanne persuades him to wait. As it turns out, Ash would have had to wait anyway. Roxanne is the Gym Leader, too! The Pokémon Trainer's School is pretty big and has all kinds of different classes.
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Episode 16 - The Winner by a Nosepass! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Pikachu is getting pretty good at its Iron Tail attack and that's a good thing. Ash is finally about to take on Roxanne, the leader of the Rustboro Gym. He's going to need all the help he can get to take down her Geodude. May, on the other hand, isn't really looking forward to the battle. In fact, she announces that she's not going to be a trainer anymore. She wants to become a Pokémon Coordinator and compete in contests instead. 
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Episode 17 - Stairway to Devon [Hindi] [480p HD]
Max accidentally spills juice onto the Pokénav, causing it to spoil. He needs to find a place to have it quickly fixed while letting nobody know it's spoiled. He ends up meeting with the president of the Devon Corporation, makers of the Pokénav and everything else. The president gets interested in Max and offers his help to Max to repair the Pokenav. However, the tour into the corporate headquarters turns into a hunt for a spy who is after some of the company's research and they learn about two evil team members in the Hoenn region – Team Aqua and Team Magma. 
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Episode 18 - On a Wingull and a Prayer! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash enjoyed meeting the president of Devon Corp. and learning a little about Team Aqua, a dangerous group of evildoers, but now he really wants to get to Dewford Island. Unfortunately, May's map is about 10 years old and they end up in a deserted part of town that used to be the port. From there they can see the new port, but it looks very far away. 
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Episode 19 - Sharpedo Attack! [Hindi] [480p HD]
As Mr. Briney takes the gang to the closest Island, they are attacked by a gang of Sharpedo and are forced to stay on a deserted island. They must convince the Sharpedo that they do not want to harm them and also protect those same Pokémon from Team Rocket. 
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Episode 20 - Brave the Wave [Hindi] [480p HD]
Eager to win the Knuckle Badge, Ash goes straight to challenging Brawly, Gym Leader of Dewford Town. However, Ash loses patience when Brawly goes surfing instead of battling. Finally, he gets his match, where Brawly's Makuhita evolves into Hariyama.  
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Episode 21 - Which Wurmple's Which [Hindi] [480p HD]
After James tricked Ash and friends to fish in an area so that Team Rocket could commit their usual schemes, the two sides had a battle until May sent out her Wurmple. Jessie sent out her Wurmple to show that it's better and then they had a riduculous argument, which resulted in the battle starting again, in which Meowth bumped into the two Wurmples. 
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Episode 22 - A Hole Lotta Trouble [Hindi] [480p HD]
Team Rocket digs another hole, this time in Granite Cave, to capture the "twerps" but it only succeeds in separating everyone (Including Team Rocket)! 
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Episode 23 - Gone Corphishin [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash chases down a mysterious Pokémon that keeps assaulting people on Dewford's beach
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Episode 24 - A Corphish Out of Water [Hindi] [480p HD]
After Corphish is injured following a Team Rocket encounter, Ash must rush his newest Pokémon to the Dewford Center-which is surrounded by a school of hungry Carvanha. 
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Episode 25 - A Mudkip Mission [Hindi] [480p HD]
While in training, Ash and the others stumble upon a lake full of Mudkip under the watchful eye of an old man who is the protector of the Mudkip in the lake. Brock also catches a Mudkip of his own. 
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Episode 26 - Turning Over a Nuzleaf [Hindi] [480p HD]
While walking through Granite Cave, the gang stumble upon Loudred in the middle of a long sleep. When it is accidentally woken, the gang are forced to run and find themselves separated from Pikachu, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Silcoon, Lotad and Corphish. While the worried trainers search, the Pokémon begin to fight among themselves until they find themselves attacked by a group of Nuzleaf.  
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Episode 27 - A Three Team Scheme [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash and his friends accidentally stumble upon another Pokémon Trainer's Secret Base. Meanwhile, Team Aqua and Team Magma both attempt to take over the Secret Base and wind up in battle with one another. 
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Episode 28 - Seeing is Believing [Hindi] [480p HD]
May and Jessie both blissfully await the day when they shall receive a Beautifly. However, Jessie is unaware that she will never have one, because her Wurmple became a Cascoon instead of a Silcoon. 
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Episode 29 - Ready, Willing and Sableye [Hindi] [480p HD]
Corphish's bad attitude showing no signs of improving so Ash plans to humble it a bit by putting a good scare into it deep inside an abandoned mine. Little does he know, however, Jessie, James, and Meowth have already infiltrated the mine. 
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Episode 30 - A Meditite Fight [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash and friends get caught in a hurricane and must take a treacherous mountain path to reach safety. Also, Ash meets up with an apprentice of Gym Leader Brawley, who is in preparation for the upcoming re-match. 
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Episode 31 - Just One of the Geysers [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash's long-awaited rematch with Brawly of the Dewford Gym finally arrives. For the location, Brawly selects a secret sparring area he has hidden on a nearby island. Above and beyond this Gym Leader's ability and powerful Pokémon, the battlefield itself presents many unique challenges, most notably a huge geyser that erupts into the air without warning. 
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Episode 32 - Abandon Ship! [Hindi] [480p HD]
Ash and friends foil a Team Rocket kidnapping scheme on the high seas, but are then left high and dry themselves when Team Rocket's boat breaks down. Drifting with the tide, they eventually come to rest against an abandoned ship. On board, they meet one of the ship's original passengers, who has returned to search for the Marshtomp he was separated from when the ship first ran aground. 
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Episode 33 - Now That's Flower Power! [Hindi] [480p HD]
As May prepares for the upcoming Pokémon Contest, a passing retired Coordinator compliments her on her battling skills. On hearing that she is preparing for her first Contest, he invites her and her friends to his house where he keeps some items that could prove helpful to May's performance. 
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Episode 34 - Having a Wailord of a Time [Hindi] [480p HD]
Impressed at how well they had raised their own Pokémon, Nurse Joy enlists Ash and Max to babysit the Treecko, Mudkip, and Torchic awaiting a Pokémon trainer just about to begin her first journey. The Torchic proves to be the most rambunctious of the group, and when Ash sends several of his Pokémon to gently coax it into obedience, he inadvertently causes the troublesome chick to evolve into a Combusken. 
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Episode 35 - Win, Lose or Drew! [Hindi] [480p HD]
May and the others arrive in Slateport City, where she can compete in her first contest. Also competing is May's new rival, Drew and a young man named Robert who uses Milotic. 
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Episode 36 - The Spheal of Approval [Hindi] [480p HD]
Having at long last completed her Pokémon Contest, May suggests a day of recreation in Slateport City before moving on. While she and Brock shop in the city's famous market district, Ash and Max check out a local oceanic museum. What should have been a day of leisure, however, turns into one battle after another as both Team Rocket and Team Magma storm the very same museum in search of a rare rock discovered on the ocean floor. 
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Episode 37 - Jump for Joy! [Hindi] [480p HD]
While cutting through a mountain pass, Ash and friends decide to stop into the local Pokémon Center for directions. Imagine their surprise when they discover it vacated, with no sign of Nurse Joy. The plot thickens when they take it upon themselves to investigate and discover security camera footage of a Shriftry immobilizing Joy with Sleeping Powder before carrying her off. Their only clue as to Joy's location is a mysterious entry on Shriftry in the Pokédex, indicating that these Pokémon inhabit only trees that are over 1000 years old. 
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Episode 38 - A Different Kind of Misty! [Hindi] [480p HD]
When Ash and friends get lost in a dark and foggy mountain pass, the first people they meet are Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket, fresh from their latest heist. Ash and friends manage to recover the stone the trio had stolen from a nearby lighthouse, but only in time to be themselves mistaken for the thieves. 
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Episode 39 - A Poké-BLOCK Party [Hindi] [480p HD]
The gang finally reach Mauville City, however Ash's Gym battle is forced to wait as the gang see an advert for a Pokémon Trick House, offering anyone who makes it through with a one year supply of Pokéblocks. May is eager to win the prize, so the gang decide to enter, and meet up with a girl and her Whismur. But when Jigglypuff decides to perform her song, things may get complicated for the gang, and Team Rocket too. 
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Episode 40 - Watt's with Wattson [Hindi] [480p HD] [Season Final]
Ash's third Gym battle with the electric master Wattson is full of surprises when, after an encounter with a robotic Raikou, Pikachu wins the match alone with super-charged Thunderbolts. However Ash's joy at receiving the badge disappears when Pikachu turns ill, and a depressed Wattson leaves Mauville City convinced he is a weak Gym Leader.
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