About Kochikame

The story, as its name indicates, focuses on the adventures and misadventures of a police station where we meet a cast of characters located within the park front of Kameari in Katsuhika Ward of the Tokyo Prefecture in Japan. Among the characters is the protagonist Ryotsu, his colleagues Nakagawa and Reiko, and his boss Bucho, who have appeared the most frequently.

The central character Kankichi Ryotsu is a man of 36 years whom someone might think of as normal in person, but things are not what they seem. While it is true that Ryo is appointed a job as a policeman in the police station within Kameari, his capacity for dedication to work is inversely proportional to his ability to maneuver strategies to get rich as quickly as possible or as little as possible, strategies which, by the step never work and always end up causing thousands of comic situations and sometimes endearing results. Yes, Kankichi Ryotsu can not stand still at the prospect of getting money and excuses saying that vice police basesalary is a pittance.

Therefore, the typical argument of this series begins with Ryo drawing a plan to make money fast by the invention or business, calling Nakagawa to bring him what he needs and, finally, losing everything and having to pay in addition to the damages caused by his plans. While the plot is spun by a gag after another, most of the humor is based on the combination of worldly characters with oddly out of place characters as Nakagawa with wealth or Maria who was transgendered. The only thing they have in common is the lack of real police officers, most of which is never explained or rationalized in the slightest.

Watch And Download Kochikame Episodes in Better Quality Without Watermark

Ryotsu Ka Purana Dost Ban Gaya Gangster [Hindi] [360p]

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Police Station Aaya Hamesha Hasne Wala Officer [Hindi] [360p]

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Dukandar Ryotsu Se Uska Bonus Lekar Hi Rahenge [Hindi] [360p]

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Ryotsu Ke Noodels [Hindi] [360p]

Watch ]  [ Download 63.3 MB ]

Ryotsu Karwaega Apne Dost Ki Shaadi Ka Reception [Hindi] [360p]

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Yeh Kaisi Golf Ki Game Hai [Hindi] [360p]

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Submarine Competition Ki Kahani [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Ko Mili Sazaa Woh Ho Gaya Chota [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Bana Air Police Ka Commander [Hindi] [480p]

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Tash Ki Game, Ryotsu Ke Saath [Hindi] [480p]

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold [Hindi] [480p]

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Hyndara Ki Muche Cut Gayi [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Ko Pyaar Ho Gaya [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu The Detective [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Sikhayega Ki Plane Kese Udaya Jata Hai [Hindi] [480p]

Watch ]  [ Download 52.9 MB ]

Ryotsu Ki Pianist Friend [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Apne Gusse Pe Control Karne Ki Koshish Kar Raha Hai [Hindi] [480p]

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ABCD Strategy [Hindi] [480p]

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Kameari Police Officers Ban Rahe Hain Celebrities [Hindi] [480p]

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Terai Pakdega Chor Ko [Hindi] [480p]

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Cherry Kobayashi Bana Ek Din Ka Chief [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Ban Gaya Papa [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Karega Part Time Job Firecrackers ki Factory Mein [Hindi] [480p]

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Ryotsu Help Karega Camera Family [Hindi] [480p]

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[Video Contributed By Sarvagya Agarawal]
[Audio Contributed and Synced By Yash Raj]


  1. ninaj boy rantaro hindi dubbend epis.....

    1. new episodes add ninja boy rantaro..... plz

  2. Hi,thanks, if possible please add other episodes, it's hard to find this show on net...

  3. Hi,thanks, if possible please add other episodes, it's hard to find this show on net...