Episode 22 - The Eighth Wonder Of The Sinnoh World!

Short Description Of Episode

Ash battles Volkner for his last gym badge. Ash uses Torterra first, but it loses to Volkner's Electivire. Pikachu then defeats it. Next is Jolteon and Infernape and Infernape wins. Luxray is Volkner's last Pokémon and Ash sends out Pikachu again, but it loses. Infernape is Ash's final hope, but it gets hit one time after another. Being hurt badly Infernape's Blaze is then activated, but with Ash's friendship and trust on Infernape, it is able control it now. With one-after-another powerful attacks, Infernape keeps weakening Luxray. With a final powerful Flame Wheel attack Infernape beats Luxray giving Ash his 8th and final badge and enters the Sinnoh League. 

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