Pokemon Season 14 - Black & White

No. Of Episodes - 48 (2 Passed)
Language - Hindi
Quality - 720p

About This Show - Pokémon: Black & White is the fourteenth season of the Pokémon animated series, covering the continuing adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum as he travels to the new region of Unova. In Japan, this is the first portion of the Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! (ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ Poketto Monsutā Besuto Uisshu?, literally "Pocket Monsters: Best Wish") branding of the anime series. Brock and Dawn have left the series, and Ash is joined by a new female trainer named Iris and a new male trainer named Cilan. The evil syndicate Team Rocket has a part to play in this season and Jessie, James, and Meowth have been promoted.


The return of Who's that Pokémon?
, an eyecatch that was used during the
 first six seasons.
The division between seasons of Pokémon is based on the English version openings of each episode, and may not reflect the actual production season. The English episode numbers are based on their first airing in the United States either in syndication on Cartoon Network, or in Canada on the YTV TV channel, currently owned by Shaw Media and Corus Entertainment after the acquisition of Canwest. Other English-speaking nations largely follow either this order or the Japanese order. Who's that Pokémon?, the mid-episode eyecatch, made its return in the English version for the first time since Pokémon: Advanced.

The anime series premiered in Japan on September 23, 2010. The "Black & White" season debuted in the United States on February 12, 2011. The first two episodes of the show had their UK premiere on CITV on February 27, 2011 and the following episodes will follow up on June 11, 2011. The season was broadcast on Disney XD UK, starting on September 10, 2011. In Australia Black & White was broadcast on Network Ten from September 10, 2011 until 25 February 2012 later moved to Eleven from 27 February 2012 to 25 March 2012. In India, POGO broadcast the series from May 13, 2013 at 9:30 pm. The POGO dub began airing in Pakistan on September 16, 2014.

To promote the series and the episode where Ash obtains an egg, Pokémon Black and White players were able to obtain an egg containing either an Axew, a Pansage or a Pidove exclusively at US Toys "R" Us stores between April 27, 2011 and May 31, 2011. Each one contained their moves like anime counterparts (Ash's Pidove, Cilan's Pansage and Iris' Axew). Players were only able to get one egg and which of the Pokémon the egg hatched into was random.

The first 12 episodes of the series was released on a 2-disc DVD set on November 20, 2012 with the next set of 12 episodes being released on January 22, 2013. The third set of 12 episodes was released on March 19, 2013. The fourth set of the last 12 episodes was released on May 14, 2013.

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    Episode 01 - In the Shadow of Zekrom! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash, Pikachu, Ash's mother, and Professor Oak head off for a trip to the Unova region. A strange black cloud forms overhead, and it hits Ash's Pikachu with a lightning bolt. After meeting up with Professor Juniper, Unova's lead Pokémon researcher, Ash encounters Trip, who is beginning his Pokémon League challenge with the Grass-type Pokémon Snivy, rather than the Fire-type Tepig or the Water-type Oshawott. In a practice match against Trip, it is discovered that Pikachu can no longer use Electric-type moves, which Juniper attributes to the lightning bolt caused by the Legendary Pokémon, Zekrom. 
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    Episode 02 - Enter Iris and Axew! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    After the strange black cloud appears again, Pikachu's Electric moves are restored. Professor Juniper gives Ash a new Pokédex and Poké Balls so he can begin his journey in Unova. On his way, he comes across Iris and her Axew. When Team Rocket appears and tries to steal Pikachu and Axew, Ash tries to use his newly caught Pidove against Jessie and her new Woobat, though Pidove is overpowered; however, an Oshawott (the one from Juniper's lab) appears and saves Pikachu and Axew.
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    Episode 03 - A Sandile Gusher of Change [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on their way to the first Gym, Ash and Iris realize that they are being followed by the Oshawott from Professor Juniper's lab. They find out it wants to be captured by Ash when he called it very cute. Juniper sends Ash Oshawott's Poké Ball, but Oshawott disappears before he can be recaptured. They soon come across a boy named Dan, whose father owns a resort with a sand spa that has been disrupted by a group of Sandile, led by one wearing sunglasses.
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    Episode 04 - The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On their way to Striaton City Gym, Ash and Iris stop by in Accumula Town and find the Battle Club owned by Don George. After watching a battle between a Servine and a Dewott, Ash challenges the Dewott's owner, shortly before an intruder alarm goes off. Ash sees a Pokémon's dark shape on the security tape, and identifies it as an Umbreon. Ash and Iris help Don George capture the intruder, which turns out to be a Tepig with a rope tied around its mouth. 
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    Episode 05 - Triple Leaders, Team Threats [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash and Iris finally reach Striaton City, where they meet Pokémon Connoisseur Cilan at the market. He sees that Pikachu and Ash are very compatible and he invites Ash and Iris to the Striaton Gym, only for Ash to be surprised that it is a restaurant instead. Chili and Cress introduce themselves, as well, and put on a show in the restaurant until Ash becomes angry that he was tricked.
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    Episode 06 - Dreams by the Yard Full [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Continuing from Ash's battle at the Striaton Gym, Oshawott has managed to deflect Pansage's Solarbeam with his shell. Oshawott is able to use his Razor Shell move to defeat Pansage, earning Ash the Trio Badge (with Iris unimpressed.) Elsewhere, Team Rocket finds the Dreamyard and set up a device they are instructed to by Giovanni, which soon begins to disturb a sleeping Pokémon. 
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    Episode 07 - Snivy Plays Hard to Catch! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While having lunch on the way to the next city, Cilan discovers that all the food he prepared has been stolen. The group discovers that a Snivy has stolen the food. Ash attempts to capture it, attacking with Pikachu; though the Snivy (which is female) uses Attract, making Pikachu unable to fight her, and escapes. Ash sends out Pidove to track the Snivy down, just as Team Rocket. finds her instead.
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    Episode 08 - Saving Darmanitan from the Bell! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash and the gang are approached by a Darumaka, while another steals their lunch. Ash sends Oshawott to battle them, but it is defeated. Nurse Joy tells them that the Darumaka have been stealing food all over town. When the Darumaka steal from the Pokémon Center, Ash chases them. Meanwhile Team Rocket receives a briefcase from their contact. In a clocktower, Ash battles the Darumaka, and they point the group to Darmanitan in Zen Mode to prevent one of the bells from falling down.
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    Episode 09 - The Bloom Is on Axew! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Cilan and Iris have a little match between Pansage and Axew; Pansage is told to hold back until Axew uses a powerful Dragon Rage, which keeps coming out as a "Dragon Hiccup". Elsewhere, Team Rocket is briefed on a meteor that had fallen in the Unova region, creating its current appearance. Iris tells the others how she was given Axew by an elder in her hometown. Unbeknownst to them, Axew has gotten stuck in the antennae of a Scolipede, causing the Scolipede to rampage.
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    Episode 10 - A Rival Battle for Club Champ! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash, Iris, and Cilan meet up with Trip once again on the way to Nacrene City, after they stop by a Battle Club owned by another Don George. There, Ash challenges Trip to a 5-on-5 battle. Ash's Oshawott and Tepig are easily defeated by Trip's new Tranquill, and Pikachu manages to finish the job off. Trip's newly evolved Servine emerges, still able to beat Pikachu.
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    Episode 11 - A Home for Dwebble [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on their way to Nacrene City, Axew notices a strange Pokémon that Cilan reveals is the Rock Hermit Pokémon Dwebble. The Dwebble is making a new shell out of a rock, when it is attacked by three other Dwebble which steal its new rocky shell. Cilan sends out Pansage to help it, but it attacks Pansage in fear. Elsewhere, Team Rocket receives intel on their next heist: stealing information from a laboratory. 
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    Episode 12 - Here Comes the Trubbish Squad [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On their way to Nacrene City, the gang is harassed by a group of schoolchildren with the Garbage Pokémon Trubbish. They head to a nearby Pokémon Daycare and kindergarten, where they learn from the kids' teacher Miss Daniella that the kids found the Trubbish at the garbage dump and decided to bring it back to the school.
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    Episode 13 - Minccino–Neat and Tidy [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash meets up with Bianca, who has been sent by Professor Juniper to deliver a (very dirty) Badge Case to Ash. Just as Ash puts his Trio Badge in the case, it gets stolen by the Chinchilla Pokémon Minccino who is trying to clean it. Bianca, who wants to catch a Minccino, sends out her Pignite, the evolved form of Tepig, but it is able to dodge the Fire Pig's attacks and use a Hyper Voice to knock it out. Ash then sends out Oshawott to battle the Minccino, but Minccino easily defeats Oshawott with its DoubleSlap attack and escapes.
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    Episode 14 - A Night in the Nacrene City Museum [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash, Iris, and Cilan arrive in Nacrene City and head to the museum where the Gym is located, but it is locked. Hawes, the museum's curator, runs out, explaining that the museum is locked down because it is believed to be haunted. Cilan, however, states that he does not believe in ghosts, but Iris states it is possible. After the gang is given a tour, they are led to a sarcophagus and a death mask believed to be linked to the Mask Pokémon Yamask.
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    Episode 15 - The Battle According to Lenora [Hindi] [720p HD]
    After being given a short tour of the Nacrene City Museum, Lenora accepts Ash's challenge, leading him, Cilan, Iris, and Hawes down into the gym's arena. Lenora sends out her Lillipup, which Iris and Ash find cute, but Cilan reminds them that it is a Gym Battle. Ash sends out Tepig to fight Lillipup, but Lillipup uses Roar to send Tepig back and force Oshawott into the battle. Lenora then recalls Lillipup to send out Watchog, which uses its Mean Look to trap Oshawott in the fight.
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    Episode 16 - Rematch at the Nacrene Gym [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash trains with Tepig and Oshawott at the Nacrene City Battle Club, trying to teach them more powerful moves. After successfully teaching them Flame Charge and Aqua Jet, he challenges Lenora for the Basic Badge once more. However, Lenora's Lillipup has evolved into a Herdier since the last fight. Ash sends out Tepig against Herdier, once more, and he is able to hold his own against the powerful Pokémon until Herdier uses Roar to force Oshawott out again. 
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    Episode 17 - Scraggy–Hatched to Be Wild [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on the way to Castelia City, Ash, Iris, and Cilan rest for a while when Axew notifies the others that the Pokémon Egg Ash got earlier is about to hatch. They remove it from the container. Iris tells Axew that he will "soon be a big brother". In his excitement, Axew accidentally knocks the egg down a hill, but Pikachu catches it before it hits a rock. It soon hatches into the Molting Pokémon Scraggy, and it Leers at Pikachu before trying a Headbutt and misses.
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    Episode 18 - Sewaddle and Burgh in Pinwheel Forest [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on the way to Castelia City, Ash, Iris, and Cilan enter the Pinwheel Forest. As they walk through, Pikachu is attacked by a wild Sewaddle, the Sewing Pokémon. Ash decides to capture it, but it surrounds him with a String Shot attack and escapes. Deeper in the forest, the group comes across a large tree where they believe the Sewaddle is hiding. They climb up it and find a giant cocoon, only for it to be revealed to be Burgh, Castelia City's Gym Leader, who is in the forest to sketch some of the wildlife.
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    Episode 19 - A Connoisseur's Revenge! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On the way to Castelia City, Ash, Iris, and Cilan visit a mall where Ash finds that another Pokémon Connoisseur is testing the bond between Trainers and their Pokémon. Ash goes to see the Connoisseur, a woman named Burgundy, who falsely states that none of the Pokémon Ash has caught in Unova are compatible with him. When Cilan goes to check on Ash, Burgundy becomes angry, saying that when she brought her Oshawott to Cilan years ago he claimed that she and the Pokémon were not compatible.
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    Episode 20 - Dancing with the Ducklett Trio! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    After a short practice match between Scraggy and Axew, Cilan calls everyone for lunch, but Ash falls down a giant hole dug by the Sandile from the hot springs. Ash finds out that it wants to battle Pikachu. Iris decides to send Excadrill to get Ash back, but it still will not listen to her. However, Cilan realizes that their lunch has been stolen by a Ducklett. Another Ducklett soon interrupts a battle between Ash's Pikachu and the Sandile to steal the Sandile's sunglasses.
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    Episode 21 - The Lost World of Gothitelle! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive at the Skyarrow Bridge, which is enshrouded in a thick fog. Before crossing it, they come across a woman looking at photos of a ferry crossing in the Pokémon Center. They prepare to cross the bridge when they are attacked by a Gothitelle. Ash sends out Snivy, but she cannot defeat the stronger Pokémon, and they are all sent back to the other side. There, they meet a young girl named Sally, who invites them to take her father's ferry to the other side.
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    Episode 22 - A Venipede Stampede [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash, Iris, and Cilan finally arrive in Castelia City and meet Burgh, but they all discover that the city has shut itself down. When they investigate the sewers, they discover and assisst a Venipede stuck in a pipe, which, out of fear, Poisons Ash. Later, they see a whole swarm of Venipede in the sewers, which flood the streets. Trainers with Fire Pokémon do their best to fight the swarm, including Trip and his newly captured Lampent. However, Ash tries to stop them from hurting the Venipede, as hurting them will not get rid of them.
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    Episode 23 - Battling for the Love of Bug-Types! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash and the gang head back to Castelia City and meet up with Burgh in the Gym. For the first match, Burgh sends out Dwebble while Ash calls out Tepig. However, the Dwebble is too strong for Tepig and gets knocked out, so Ash replaces Tepig with Sewaddle. Despite Dwebble's strong defenses and speed, Sewaddle defeats Dwebble only to face Burgh's Whirlipede who at first appears too strong for Sewaddle until it evolves into Swadloon.
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    Episode 24 - Emolga the Irresistible! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Traveling with Bianca to Nimbasa City, the group comes across a wild Emolga, who, unbeknownst to them, recently tricked a group of male Patrat into giving it apples. She quickly befriends Iris's Axew, as Iris is carrying several apples for the group. Bianca falls in love with the Emolga, but Emolga does not return the affection. She tries to capture Emolga by sending out her Minccino, but Emolga uses Discharge (which hits everyone) and Attract which misses Bianca's Minccino and instead hits Ash's Oshawott.
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    Episode 25 - Emolga and the New Volt Switch! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    As Ash and friends continue on their journey accompanied by Bianca, Bianca asks Iris for a practice match against Emolga, and they begin the battle of Emolga vs Pignite. However, Emolga's Attract immobilizes Pignite quickly. Bianca recalls Pignite and sends out her Minccino next and uses Attract. Emolga counters with Attract as well canceling the effects. Mincinno uses Tickle while Emolga is supposed to use Hidden Power, but Emolga uses Volt Switch and switches places with Iris's Excadrill that does not fight back. Iris sends Emolga out once more.
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    Episode 26 - Scare at the Litwick Mansion! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on the way to Nimbasa City, Iris notifies the others that it is going to rain. As Ash and Cilan insist to her it is bright and sunny, the sky darkens and it begins to pour. The gang rushes into the woods until they come across a large mansion. Ash knocks on the door, only for it to open by itself. Elsewhere in the mansion, Jessie, James, and Meowth watch them enter on a security system. Jame's Yamask talks with a group of Litwick until James tells it to lead the Litwick to scare Ash and his friends.
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    Episode 27 - The Dragon Master's Path! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    After a practice match between Scraggy and Axew, Iris spots a Druddigan after it attacks them. Ash sends Pikachu to battle it, thinking it is wild, until its trainer, Emmy arrives. She is not sure why Druddigan is upset until Iris realizes it has a metal rope around its ankle. Iris frees Druddigan, making it happier, and Emmy asks Iris to help train her Druddigan. Iris agrees to help as she plans on becoming a Dragon Master, and Druddigan needs more experience. Emmy and Ash have a match with Druddigan up against Tepig, with Druddigan winning.
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    Episode 28 - Oshawott's Lost Scalchop! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On the road to Nimbasa City, Ash and company come across a trainer named Stephan who challenges Ash to a battle. Stephan sends out his Blitzle while Ash sends out Oshawott. Blitzle uses Shock Wave, but Oshawott is able to block it with his Scalchop shell. Blitzle uses Flame Charge next and Oshawott counters with Aqua Jet. Oshawott prepares a Razor Shell attack until Blitzle does a Double Kick, knocking the Scalchop out of his hand. Oshawott runs off to try to find it, ending the battle prematurely.
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    Episode 29 - Cottonee in Love! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    In a practice match between Scraggy and Axew, the match is interrupted by a gust of wind followed by the appearance of a Cottonee. Cilan realizes that it is the time of year that Cottonee pair up and that this male Cottonee must be looking for a mate. While they watch it find a female Cottonee that he has fallen in love with, they watch as she attacks him because he is too weak. Scraggy steps forward, wanting to help Cottonee to become stronger and braver, but Scraggy's Scary Face sends it cowering behind a tree stump.
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    Episode 30 - A UFO for Elgyem! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While Ash, Iris, Cilan, Pikachu, and Axew are asleep, they are suddenly woken up by a bright light. Ash and Iris believe it is a UFO, while Cilan insists there must be a scientific explanation. He claims to be a Science Connoisseur. When they reach town the next day, Cilan asks if there are any rumors of UFO sightings in the area, and someone overhearing the conversation directs them to Professor Ikarus. As they cross a rope bridge to his lab, they all receive a strange vision of Ash falling through one of the planks. 
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    Episode 31 - Ash and Trip's Third Battle! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Cilan prepares lunch for the gang until Iris and Ash accidentally ruin his cooking by getting a leaf inside. He knocks over the pot in his anger, and regrets it instantly. Furiously, he tells Ash and Iris that they will have no lunch, but Iris gives them all apples. Cilan sighs and says it can't be helped, and tells them to go play somewhere else while he cooks them a new meal. While they wait, Iris and Ash explore the surrounding forest where they accidentally come across Trip who is using his new Vanilite on a wild Palpitoad.
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    Episode 32 - Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    After the battle with Trip, Ash decides to do some special training with Oshawott to get him to open his eyes underwater. They go to a lake, but when Ash forces Oshawott's eyes open while they are swimming, he gets upset and uses Water gun on Ash and blows him out of the lake. At their campsite, Iris is watching over the other Pokémon while they are playing a game. As Emolga and Snivy get in a fight, Scraggy wanders off and finds a group of Foongus that he angers by using headbutt.
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    Episode 33 - Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While on the way to Nimbasa City, the group comes across a trainer named Georgia who claims that she is a Dragon Buster and can beat any Dragon-type Pokémon. Iris challenges her, saying that she is training to be a Dragon Master. Langley sends out her Beartic, with Iris afraid, but sending out Axew to fight it. Axew is easily beaten, and Iris sends out Excadrill next, but he will not obey her orders. Georgia taunts her before she leaves. As Iris tries to comfort Excadrill, he curls up into inactive mode once more.
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    Episode 34 - Gotta Catch a Roggenrola! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    While the gang enjoys a lunch, they are interrupted by a Roggenrola landing on their lunch table. Ash decides he wants to capture it, for the energy and spunk it has, but it manages to defeat both Oshawott and Tepig. Cilan notices a strange suction cup on the back of Roggenrola, which is knocked off in the battle. At the Pokémon Center, Ash has Oshawott and Tepig taken care of when a man named Mr. Garrason talks to Nurse Joy and informs her that the water lines seems normal, and the cause is elsewhere.
    Episode 35 - Where Did You Go, Audino? [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On the way to Nimbasa City, Ash and the gang encounter an Audino walking through a thick fog. They realize that something is very wrong with it. They encounter Officer Jenny with two young detectives named Doyle and Christie, who place the gang under arrest, even though they insist that they have not done anything wrong. Finally, Cilan reveals that he is the Gym Leader of the Striaton Gym and explains that a simple phone call will clear things up.
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    Episode 36 - Archeops in the Modern World! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Ash and the gang visit a research lab to witness Professor Juniper and Professor Fennel revive an ancient Pokémon called Archen. They begin the revival process using Fennel's Musharna which wakes up Archen. However, it is restless and begins to attack everyone. Meanwhile Team Rocket decide to steal the Archen, along with the data for constructing a restoration machine. As Archen is sleeping, the professors are pondering what having an Archen in this modern world is like.
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    Episode 37 - A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Continuing their journey to Nimbasa City, Ash and the gang decide to stop in town. They notice Bianca is running around and she crashes into Ash, throwing him into the water channel. While Ash is drying his clothes, Bianca shows a poster announcing a fishing contest for which the prize is a golden fishing rod. Cilan loses control of himself, and announces that he is a Fishing connoisseur and they all decide to enter the contest, unknowingly being staged by Team Rocket.
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    Episode 38 - Movie Time! Zorua in 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight'! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Continuing to Nimbasa City, Ash and the gang encounter a Zorua. They are excited to see such a rare Pokémon, only to find that out it belongs to a Pokémon Trainer named Luke. He asks them to try to catch his Zorua since she is not listening to him. He introduces himself and says he likes to make movies. He explains what happened before Zorua ran off, that they were filming a scene until Zorua left. The gang decide to help Luke out with his dilemma while Team Rocket decides to steal Zorua.
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    Episode 39 - Reunion Battles in Nimbasa! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Having arrived in Nimbasa City, Ash is excited to have his Gym battle. However, his excitement quickly fades when he finds out that he is actually in Nimbasa Town. He decides to enter the battle tournaments held in Nimbasa Town. Shortly after, Bianca comes charging, crashes into Ash, and once again, throws him in water. Luke begins filming the tournament while Bianca disrupts him in the process. As Ash decides what Pokémon to use, Burgundy shows up as well as Stephan and Georgia. Later on Trip makes his appearance.
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    Episode 40 - Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    The Club Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town continues. The fifth round is Trip vs. Cilan. Trip sends out Gurdurr while Cilan sends out Dwebble. They have a hard, long battle where Gurdurr nearly smashes Dwebble's rock, but, in the end Cilan wins. The sixth round is Stephan against Bianca where Stephan wins. The seventh round is Luke vs. Scooter where Luke wins. Finally, the eighth round is Jimmy Ray vs. Iris where Iris wins, finishing all eight matches of the first round.
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    Episode 41 - The Club Battle Hearts of Fury: Emolga Versus Sawk! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    The second round of the Club Battles at Nimbasa Town continue with Georgia battling Ash. Georgia has ordered Pawniard to use Guillotine on a fallen Snivy. Snivy manages to gain consciousness at the last second and dodge the attack once again and attack using Leaf Blade. Pawniard is now stuck in the ground. She attacks using Leaf Storm, defeating Pawniard and giving Ash the win of the first match. Georgia and Iris have another verbal brawl. The second match is Antonio vs. Dino where Dino wins. 

    Episode 42 - The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    The first match of the semi-finals ends with Ash winning. The last match of the semi-finals is Luke against Iris. Luke calls out Golett while Iris chooses Axew. Iris starts off with Scratch but it has no effect. Golett uses Mega Punch and lands a direct hit. Axew uses Dragon Rage but Golett counters with Double Team and uses Gyro Ball in the process. Golett lands another direct hit. Axew responds with Dragon Rage and Golett counters with Shadow Ball and the attacks cancel. Golett then uses Gyro Ball and starts to chase Axew.
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    Episode 43 - Meowth's Scrafty Tactics! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Stopping on their way to Nimbasa City for a lunch break, Axew and Tepig discover Team Rocket's Meowth unconscious in the bushes. The gang revives him back to health. When he wakes up, he discovers that the gang has revived him and he explains that Team Rocket has fired him for botching an operation. They decide to take Meowth along for a while. Continuing their journey, Meowth sweet talks Ash and Iris but Pikachu is still suspicious of him. Shortly after, a Scrafty snatches Axew and runs off.
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    Episode 44 - Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky? [Hindi] [720p HD]
    A Purrloin decides to aggravate a Tranquill by eating its food but soon, a flock of them causes her to run away with them giving chase. As Ash and the gang continue their journey, they encounter that Purrloin, and Meowth immediately falls for her. Immediately following, is the flock of Tranquill which immediately start using Gust on the group. Ash calls out Oshawott and asks it to use Water Gun and Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. After the flock disappears, Oshawott falls for Purrloin as well and he and Meowth soon have a fight on who should date her.
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    Episode 45 - Beheeyem, Duosion, and the Dream Thief! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    Continuing their journey, Ash and the gang stop to have dinner. While Meowth goes to collect firewood, a very strange person proclaims that he is going to capture Meowth and Pikachu and sends a Beeheyem to help collect firewood and befriend the gang. It claims it can grant any wish. Cilan reveals that he wanted to cook something spicy for the night's meal, but he has the wrong berries. Meowth asks Beheeyem to get some Figy Berries and it grants the wish. That night, they eat the overly spicy meal. 
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    Episode 46 - The Beartic Mountain Feud! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    On a thundery evening, some Beartic have taken cover in a cave, being too frightened to go to sleep. One of the Beartic loses its child Cubchoo when it falls off of a cliff into the forest below. Ash and the gang are continuing their journey when they come across a sick Cubchoo, realizing how badly damaged the forest is. They come across a Beartic that starts to attack them. Soon they find many of them that are angry. Meowth decides to play negotiator and the Beartic use Icy Wind on him. When they want to attack again, a Mienfoo appears and knocks them out.
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    Episode 47- Crisis from the Underground Up! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    The gang has finally arrived in Nimbasa City after a long and hard journey. Everyone agrees to go to the Pokémon Center but Ash wants a Gym Battle right away, until his stomach growls. Cilan, being very excited, asks the gang to lead the way. They head to a subway station where Cilan claims he is a Metro Sommelier. When they go into the station, Cilan looks at one of the model cars on display and begins an overly long explanation of the car.
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    Episode 48 -Battle for the Underground! [Hindi] [720p HD]
    With Team Rocket having hacked into the subway system's computers, the Subway Masters cannot help but to watch as Team Rocket keeps on releasing fake trains as distractions. Ash suggests inspecting them one by one until they find the right one. Meanwhile, Dr. Zager is planning on rendezvousing with Jessie and James at a designated location. Cilan suggests that Team Rocket is planning to meet outside of the subway and that they are on they are on their way to the Anville Town rail yard. Meanwhile, Pikachu begins to call out other Pokémon to break out of the train.
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